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Two scientists walk into a bar

The first says “I’ll have some H2O.”

The second says “I’ll have some H2O, too.”

Both of them receive water because the bartender is not irresponsible enough to serve concentrated hydrogen peroxide as a drink.



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It’s almost fall you know that means we will all be needing some









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I waited an entire year to make this post.  It’s coming back.


I live in a conservative/unfunny town, so this type of thing is almost unheard of


I live in a conservative/unfunny town, so this type of thing is almost unheard of

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blueboxesinmaryland asked:

So, something that struck me was the Doctor named the monsters in Flatline like he did with the Carrionites in The Shakespeare Code. The Carrionites also used people like puppets, using quantum like mechanics. Idk, it seems relevant. Do you have any thoughts?


Well, Missy for one, stating that she’d chosen Clara well and calling her “My Clara” has been a bit of a startling experience for most of the fandom I’m guessing.

However, theirimpossiblewimeytheories has a fantastic theory on the idea of someone controlling Clara from behind the scenes, almost like a puppet (Pay no attention to the Time Lords behind the crack…)


While doing a re-watch of Clara’s episodes in Series 7, I noticed a theme through-out the episodes. The episodes contained the themes of puppets or/and having people controlled/working for a greater force. It starts in Asylum of the Daleks and continues back when Clara becomes the companion.

So what does this mean for our theory? I firmly believe that Clara is a puppet. She is working for someone, a greater force. Also, it cannot be a consequence that during Clara’s run two big groups of the Doctor Who universe come back into play – the Time Lords council and the Great Intelligence. So is Clara a puppet for the Time Lords? She does have certain Time Lord themes following her. Or is she a chess piece for the Great Intelligence?


Now some little plot points\themes with puppets. In The Snowmen, the Doctor uses a red puppet to announce his arrival to defeat the Ice Governess. In Nightmare in Silver Porridge sits inside a big Cyberman puppet to play chess. The Doctor all so uses a puppet in the town of Christmas to tell a story of one of his adventures in The Time of the Doctor. The episode Crimson Horror places Clara under a trance in a big glass container.


Looking at the screencap, it looks like dolls in a dollhouse. Place there for all to look at but never touch. Now I wouldn’t really talk about this a lot if one of the promo posters for the episode has Clara in the glass container.


There Clara is, glass container, but no male figure. She’s also standing up posing with her arms up - as if a puppet in a pose. Like someone is pulling at her strings.

Just to notes some more domes in Series 7, there’s a of roses behind Clara in the Crimson Horror episode:


And then again in Nightmare In Silver:


Coincidentally, Gallifrey’s Citadel is domed:


And Gallifreyans are very fond of roses, The Doctor in particular is partial to them and even has his own rose-gardens. The Doctor’s Zero Room smells of roses and his granddaughter Susan’s real name of Arkytoir means: rose in Old High Gallifreyan.

The Doctor was very wary of Clara at the beginning of Series 7 Part 2, even after he was assured in Hide that Clara was just a normal girl, he still didn’t believe it completely:

DOCTOR: What are you, eh? Are you a trick, a trap?(Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS)

Even during the prequel of The Name Of The Doctor, She Said He Said, he muses:


Too perfect. (x)

Now we’ve got Missy praising herself for whatever Clara is doing?

image (x)

Moffat has also said long running stories will be resolved, perhaps we were right all along, there is something more to Clara then being just a normal woman…that, like Donna, there’s an outside force that elevates her beyond normalcy. That she was destined/created for a specific cause, irregardless of being a “perfectly normal” human woman.

It’s very possible Missy is associated with death, (she could be/or could be working for the Guardian of Life and Death, as I explain here (x)) and think about how many times Clara has died. It’s not beyond anything to think that Clara and death are “old friends”/associates so to speak.

Remember that Clara professed in Deep Breath that she was terrified of dying? After all the times she lived and died in the alternate universe to save The Doctor, it’s no wonder she’s petrified.

There’s also been the lingering question of how Clara managed to survive the events of The Name Of The Doctor, and how her and The Doctor got out. Moffat has been very cagey about this, replying, very Lewis Carroll-esque, “The same way they got in.”

Another interesting note is that the Time Lords actually listened to Clara in Time Of The Doctor, they might have had their own agenda in how they were going to deliver these regenerations, but they listened to her.

There’s a few curiosities that might suggest that Clara is having her “strings pulled” to a certain extent, but no more so than The Doctor is also being controlled somehow.

There’s going to be a lot of questions, but I think they nod to a return of the Time Lords having an impact on the galaxy. Perhaps something that’s not going to either happen easily or be much desired by certain parties.

It also raises the idea about how The Doctor is going to feel about no longer being the lone Time Lord, and how his people are going to react to him and/or desire some level of control over his actions.

Clara could either be a chess piece on the side that wants Gallifrey returned, for balance in the universe, or on the opposing side that is trying to prevent the Time Lords returning.

Perhaps there’s an opportunity for Clara to be swayed either way and that will be the defining piece that sets up for either an easy or difficult hunt for Gallifrey.


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